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Explore the hottest districts

While travelling to foreign cities, we always explore downtown first. But in the cities of our world, there is so much more. It is the time to explore more than just downtown.

Let findyourdistricts.com help to explore beautiful und uniqe places in new cities.

Search City and get Overview

Seach for a city you want to explore. Get an overview about various districts.

Choose district

Choose a district that fits your style.

Time for Exploring!

Now is the time to explore the district in real life, with friendly support from findyourdistricts.com

Often our cities are reduced to their city center. We want to change that. Let’s discover unique neighborhoods together, such as pompous embassy estates, industrial corners full of character, green spots in the urban area or lively club scenes!

My name is Tim, 30 years old and I love to discover foreign cities by just walking around.

To get a little more immersed in the city, I usually try to see a
little more than just downtown area. In doing so, however, there are
some difficulties. If you just walk around, you might end up in an
abandoned industrial district, even though you had the charming gastro
scene in mind. Google Maps helps to find specific locations and guide
you directly there. But what if you just need a direction and then want
to keep exploring on your own? A community that shares information about
districts was needed.