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About Us

My Story

Invite me to a 10-Kilometer walk through your favorite district? Count me in!

As someone who has been working in the airline industry for over a decade, I have developed a deep passion for travel and exploring cities. My love for discovering new places and immersing myself in different cultures has fueled my motivation to create a website dedicated to showcasing various neighborhoods within cities. 

Walking several kilometers through the streets of a city allows me to truly absorb its essence and experience it with all my senses. Through my website, I aim to share my firsthand experiences, recommendations, and insights about different neighborhoods, helping fellow travelers and city enthusiasts navigate and appreciate the unique charm and diversity each area has to offer.


Another travel-blog?
This one is different!

1. Neighborhood-focused: This website stands out from traditional travel blogs by centering its attention on city neighborhoods instead of tourist attractions, giving travelers the freedom to explore and discover districts that align with their style and preferences.

2. Empowering exploration: The website provides a framework and orientation for travelers to navigate neighborhoods, empowering them to embark on their own adventures and uncover the unique culture and experiences each district offers.

3. Personalized recommendations: Based on individual preferences, the website offers tailored insights and recommendations, helping travelers find neighborhoods that align with their interests and creating a more personalized travel experience.

4. Immersive experiences: Emphasizing the importance of walking and immersing oneself in a city, the website encourages a deeper connection with the local culture, enabling travelers to engage with their surroundings, interact with locals, and create meaningful memories beyond typical tourist spots.

Tim Pfeiffer

Owner of this website and happy-face while travelling through south africa